3D治愈曲花之舞flower dance木木的3D音乐实验室
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发布于:2018-07-30 10:49

《Flower Dance》开头的对话片段引用自一部意大利电影《Assignment:Outer Space》(法语Le vainqueur de l'espace)的对话。是从播放约20分起的一段对话:

 Lucy:"They serve the purpose of changing hydrogen into breathable oxygen, and they’re as necessary here as the air is, on Earth."


 Ray:"But I still say……they’re flowers."


 Lucy:"If you like."


 Ray:"Do you sell them?"


 Lucy:"I’m afraid not."


 Ray:"But, maybe we could make a deal."



 Lucy:"What do you mean?"


 Ray:"Oh, you see, you won’t have to send them anywhere. I’ll pay for them, and then, I’ll leave them here, for you."

 Ray:"喔~ 你看,你不必把花送到任何地方。我会买下她们,然后我就会把花留在这里,送给你."