Plum Creek Rhythm Section - Wanderers In The Night
发布于:2020-03-26 09:46

Wanderers In The Night

by Plum Creek Rhythm Section



from Eternal, released October 6, 2019





We didn’t get this far

Knowing what lies ahead

We didn’t reach the stars

Following paths that other people tread

When we launched

We didn’t think we’d land here

Just a hunch

Nothing we did was planned and

Yet here we are

Wandering off…

Stumbled on open doors

The strategy was fair

Without a crew like ours

We wouldn’t ever have gotten anywhere

When we met

We didn’t have a say, right?

And off we set

Nothing to lose but daylight

They should see us now!

It’s who we are

We never fit quite right

It’s who we are

Wanderers in the night

We never needed light to see

We never needed light to see, did we?

We never needed light to see, did we?

We never needed light to see

We were the light ourselves

We were the sound of the bells

Blinding and self-assured

Certainly we were heard

And they know the words

‘cause we wrote them down

And this world of ours

We’re not “leaving”

We’re not “leaving”

We’re just wandering off

Into the sunset...